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Kitesurfing in Beauduc

If you’re looking for a truly unique and wild kitesurfing location, Beauduc welcomes you with open arms. In the heart of the Camargue in the south of France, this spot is always on, all year, and every wind direction!

Kitesurfing Spot Guide - Beauduc

Huge beach. You can kite in pretty much any wind direction.
A long way from civilisation. No phone reception. The mosquitoes can be savage.

Spot Information

Spot Type


Best Wind


Rider Level

Beginner - Advanced


Freeride, Freestyle

Best Time of Year

April - October

Summer Water Temp

22°C > 25°C

Winter Water Temp

13°C > 15°C

Beach can flood in a strong south-westerly.

Wind Forecast

What's the wind forecast in Beauduc over the next 6 days?

Location Map

Practical Information

Nearest Town

Salin de Giraud

Nearest Airport

Marseille (1 h 44 min)
Montpellier (1 h 40 min)


43.399432, 4.588022


Park on the beach close to the sea

Tourist Office

Office de Tourisme de Salin-de-Giraud
Mairie annexe
Boulevard de la Gare, 13129 Salin-de-Giraud

Phone: +33 (0)4 90 49 47 00

The spot is located about 17 km from Salin-de-Giraud and the last part of the drive is on sandy track that is narrow and in poor condition. If you drive slowly you can get through in a normal car.

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Beauduc Kitesurfing Gallery

  • Kitesurf superman in Beauduc

    © Flickr | weaHone

  • Kitesurfers road trippin' in the Camargue

    © Flickr | Fred Bigio

  • Hard to beat a sunset session..!

    © Flickr | Cyril Galline

  • Kitesurfers road trippin' in the Camargue

    © Flickr | Daniele Oberti

  • Beauduc is a popular kitesurfing spot in the summer

    © Flickr | Fred Bigio

  • Airtime in Beauduc

    © Flickr | Daniele Oberti

  • If you take it easy you don't need a 4x4 to reach the beach

    © Flickr | LL Twistiti

  • Kitesurfers camping out at Beauduc

    © Boost Kiteboarding

Spot Description

Driving on the sandy track through the salt flats in this remote part of the Camargue, you’re so off the beaten track you can almost hear the Laurence of Arabia soundtrack playing. The wide horizon forms a backdrop to a fragile ecosystem of wetlands and sand dunes with the Camargue’s famous flamingos and wild horses roaming free.

The huge crescent-shaped beach is 17 km drive from the town of Salins-de-Giraud. That’s your last port of call for supplies, so if you’re camping out, make sure you stock up at the Spar or Intermarché before you set off. The road is very narrow in places and nearer the beach it becomes not much more than a sandy track. The sand is hard-packed though and you don’t need four-wheel drive. You can park up at the water’s edge.

The Kitesurfing

Beauduc’s u-shaped bay, reliable south-westerly thermal and consistent northerly Mistral means you can kite in almost any wind direction. Only a straight easterly blows directly off-shore. Low lying land across the salt flats means the wind is uninterrupted and not too gusty. The Mistral blows cross-shore and will kick up some small waves if it’s blowing with enough force, which it often is. The best time of year is between April and October with the peak months being June and July. There are no man-made structures at the beach, so your only hazards are parked cars, and other kitesurfers; despite the huge stretch of sand it can get surprisingly crowded on a windy day in July.

Kitesurfing Accommodation

You can camp on the beach, and as the Med isn’t tidal, there’s no risk to being flooded out, unless a south-westerly wind blows with gusto. Beauduc is a natural reserve, and you’re not allowed to camp in the dunes behind the beach so it’s not a bad idea to bring a wind breaker. You used to be able to drive down onto the beach or strategically position your tent behind a campervan, but not anymore. If you’re not up for pitching a tent, there's a few places to stay back in Salins-de-Giraud that are well used to welcoming kitesurfers.

Here's a few recommendations for places to stay near the kitesurfing in Beauduc:

Un Nid en Camargue - Salin-de-Giraud

From 70 € per night

Un Nid en Camargue Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

Located in Salin-de-Giraud, the nearest town to Beauduc, Un Nid en Camargue offers comfortable bed and breakfast accommodation. There's a nice garden with plenty of space for drying kites and free Wi-Fi is available throughout. There are restaurants within walking distance.

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Hotel Restaurant La Camargue - Salin-de-Giraud

From 60 € per night

Hotel Restaurant La Camargue near Beauduc Plage

Located on Boulevard de la Camargue in Salin-de-Giraud, Hotel Restaurant La Camargue offers clean and comfortable rooms and unique (bizarre) decor. The on-site restaurant serves up tasty local dishes with lots of seafood options and the decent breakfast will set you up for the day.

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