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Kitesurfing in the South of France

Kitesurfing in the South of France

Kitesurfing – France’s Mediterranean Coast

The Mediterranean coast of the south of France has some world-class kitesurfing spots. From Hyères in Provence to Leucate-La Franqui in the Languedoc, conditions are very often perfect for kitesurfing.

The Mediterranean sea and both the Mistral and Tramontane winds combine to create a consistent air stream, nice waves and warm water ideal for wind sports. Mediterranean kitesurf spots are organised east to west. Click to Tweet

Right now, Kitesurfing is the world’s fastest growing extreme sport, and for good reason; kitesurfing is exhilarating, quick to learn and physical. Kitesurfing has became a mainstream sport in the south of France, so there are plenty of IKA registered kitesurf schools, and shops to buy and hire quality gear from. That said, there are ample options if you want to get away from the crowds. The Camargue Regional Park, for example, has huge swathes of sand so big, surfers drive along the beach and camp at their favourite spots. So, if you’re thinking about a kitesurfing holiday in Europe, you really should think about the south of France.

Due to the sheer number of spots on France’s Mediterranean coast, we’ve split the guide into 2 parts: The eastern Mediterranean or Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, which stretches from the Italian border to Marseille. And, the western Mediterranean or Languedoc-Roussillon, which stretches from Montpellier to the border with Spain.


The best kitesurfing spots in the south of France

Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur Map

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Kitesurfing

Provence has over 600 km of coastline stretching from Menton on the Italian border to the beaches of the Camargue. Warm water, knee deep lagoons and the infamous Mistral wind means there’s a huge range of kitesurfing spots catering for all abilities from beginner to advanced. And, it’s easy to organise kitesurfing lessons with an FFVL qualified instructor at one of the many schools along the coast. Find a kitesurf school >

Saint-Laurent-du-Var Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing in Saint-Laurent-du-Var | Go >

Ideal spot for intermediates when winds are easterly or south-easterly as Nice airport conveniently shelters the spot from chop. When the Mistral kicks in from the west, the fun picks up, but it’s only suitable for advanced riders as the airport becomes a hazard.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: E,SE,S,SW.
Rider level: Intermediate. Nearest airport: Nice.

Palm Beach, Cannes Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing in Palm Beach, Cannes

Palm Beach is the only official kitesurfing spot in the Alpes-Maritimes and the only spot in Cannes where the sport is permitted. Palm Beach is therefore popular with local surfers.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: NE,E,SE.
Rider level: Intermediate. Nearest airport: Nice.

Mandelieu kitesurfing

Kitesurfing in Mandelieu-la-Napoule

Located between the Esterel Massif and the Tanneron woodlands, Mandelieu-la-Napoule is a beach spot. Kiteboarders meet at the watersports centre on the beach. A local kitesurf school offers lifts further out to sea provided you can safely stay upwind.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: E,SE,S,SW.
Rider level: Intermediate. Nearest airport: Nice.

Serre Poncon Lake Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing at Lac de Serre-Ponçon | Go >

The artificial Serre-Ponçon lake in Embrun, between Gap and Briançon, is great for watersports. The lake is in a beautiful setting surrounded by mountains and the water temperature in summer makes for some unforgettable flat-water sessions. The wind pattern is so consistent you can set your watch by it!
Spot type: Lake/Beach. Best wind: SW,NE.
Rider level: Intermediate/Advanced. Nearest airport: Marseille Provence.

Saint Aygulf, South of France

Kitesurfing in Saint-Aygulf

Superb kitesurfing spot popular with surfers from the Alpes-Maritimes. Saint-Aygulf is one of the rare spots on the Cote d’Azur where it’s possible to kitesurf in the height of summer thanks to a special reserved zone.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: S,SE,E,NE.
Rider level: Intermediate. Nearest airport: Nice.

Pampelonne Beach

©Patrick Koffel

Kitesurfing in Pampelonne

South of Saint-Tropez, popular Pampelonne beach is a destination of choice for beach activities including wind sports. The prevalent south-westerly wind makes this 4km beach ideal for kitesurfing.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: SW.
Rider level: Intermediate. Nearest airport: Nice.

Gigaro Beach, South of France


Kitesurfing at Gigaro Beach

The beautiful Gigaro beach is sheltered by the Baie de Cavalaire but in the off-season it can be a good wave spot when the wind blows from the south west.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: SW.
Rider level: Intermediate. Nearest airport: Nice.

Fort de Brégançon

Kitesurfing at the Fort de Brégançon

More famous for its old fort than as a kitesurfing destination, Brégançon is nevertheless a superb kitesurfing spot and one of the few options if it’s blowing from the west.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: E,NE,SE.
Rider level: Intermediate. Nearest airport: Marseille.

Kitesurfing Spot Le Merou

©Hyeres Kitesurf Assoc.

Kitesurfing spot Le Merou

Le Merou favours an easterly wind direction which is the dominant wind around Hyères. Ideal spot in lighter summer winds as the wind direction will get you to shore. The beach gets crowded in summer and is fringed by palm trees so can make launching and landing tricky for beginners.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: NE,E,SE.
Rider level: Intermediate/Advanced. Nearest airport: Marseille.

L'Almanarre Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing in l’Almanarre | Go >

L’Almanarre beach near Hyeres has long been regarded as one of the top windsurfing locations in France and is now popular with kitesurfers seeking out exceptional conditions. Situated right next to Hyères in the south of France, L’Almanarre has two long sandy beaches.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: E,SE,SW,W.
Rider level: Intermediate/Advanced. Nearest airport: Marseille.

Kitesurfing Spot Le Brusc

Kitesurfing spot Le Brusc, Six-Fours-les-Plages

When the Mistral kicks in, strong, gusty north-westerly winds will generate some good chop. You’ll need to be good upwind to escape the crowds and the many windsurfers who slalom near the beach. Gets super crowded on good wind days. Note that kitesurfing’s banned within 300 m of the beach during the summer holiday season.
Spot type: Beach/Reef. Best wind: SW,W,NW,N.
Rider level: Intermediate/Advanced. Nearest airport: Marseille.

Kitesurfing in La Ciotat

© akunamatata

Kitesurfing spot La Ciotat | Go >

Superb spot in a strong southerly wind with some nice waves in front of the breakwaters. There’s not a lot of room to set up and the road runs parallel to the narrow beach, so you’ll need to be confident launching, landing and staying upwind. Note that kitesurfing’s banned within 300 m of the beach during the summer holiday season, however local kitesurf schools can provide boat access.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: W,SW,S,SE,E.
Rider level: Intermediate/Advanced. Nearest airport: Marseille.

Epluchures Beach Kitesurfing


Kitesurfing at Epluchures Beach

Situated right in the city of Marseille, the capital of the Mistral wind, Epluchures Beach is the waveriding or freeride kitesurfing spot along this section of coastline. Note that kitesurfing’s banned during the summer holiday season.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: S,SE,NW.
Rider level: Advanced. Nearest airport: Marseille.

La Pointe Rouge Kitesurfing


Kitesurfing at La Pointe Rouge

The small bay of La Pointe Rouge immediately south of Marseille comes alive with every gust from the Mistral, often with quality waves to get the juices flowing! A good stretch of shallow water suits beginners well.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: SW,W,NW.
Rider level: Beginner-Advanced. Nearest airport: Marseille.

L'Etang-de-Berre Kitesurfing

©Karim Saari

Kitesurfing at Le Jaï, Etang de Berre | Go >

You’re almost guaranteed a good kitesurfing session at L’Etang de Berre because the wind will blow here from multiple directions. It’s a lagoon, so it’s popular with beginners and it’s the spot to head to if the Med gets too rough.
Spot type: Lake/Beach. Best wind: W,NW,N,E,SE,S.
Rider level: Beginner-Intermediate. Nearest airport: Marseille.

Carro Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing in Carro | Go >

Just 40km from Marseille, Carro is one of the top kitesurfing destinations in the south of France, renowned as much for the quality of the waves as the strength of the winds. Tricky launch, big waves and strong currents make Carro suitable only for experienced surfers.
Spot type: Reef. Best wind: W,NW,E,SE.
Rider level: Advanced. Nearest airport: Marseille.

Carteau Kitesurf Spot


Kitesurfing spot Carteau, Port-Saint-Louis

No waves in Carteau, but if you like carving flat water you’ll have a blast. It’s is a great spot for beginners – there’s a large grassy area to get set up on, and the water is mostly waist deep. The downside is they farm mussels here, so there’s a bit of a whiff…
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: NE,E,SE.
Rider level: Beginner-Intermediate. Nearest airport: Marseille.

Kitesurfing at Plage Napoléon near Marseille

© Tristan Taussac

Kitesurfing spot Plage Napoléon, Port-Saint-Louis

Plage Napoléon on the Presqu’ile de Mazet near Port-Saint-Louis is an isolated spit of sand that stretches up to Pointe de la Gracieuse. It’s a pretty unique spot; a protected area just 50 minutes from Marseille, there’ll often only be a handful of surfers out even in the height of summer. The sandy beach is exposed to all wind directions and the flat water is shallow enough to touch the bottom for hundreds of metres. The Mistral blows offshore.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: W,SW,S,SE.
Rider level: Beginner-Advanced. Nearest airport: Marseille.

Kitesurfing in Beauduc

Kitesurfing in Beauduc | Go >

If you are looking for a truly unique and wild kitesurfing location, Beauduc welcomes you with open arms. In the heart of the Camargue in the south of France, this spot is always on, all year, and every wind direction! The spot is located about 17 km from Salin de Giraud and the last part of the drive is on sandy track that is narrow and in poor condition. If you drive slowly you can get through in a normal car.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW.
Rider level: Beginner-Advanced. Nearest airport: Marseille.

Kitesurfing in Les Saintes Marie de la Mer

Kitesurfing in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer

This spot is wild and beautiful and is renowned for its super-fast channel of off-shore wind, but the beach can also offer exceptional conditions. In an east to south-easterly wind, you’ll find waves breaking to the right of the harbour.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: W,E,SW,S,SE.
Rider level: Intermediate-Advanced. Nearest airport: Marseille.

Languedoc-Roussillon Map

Languedoc-Roussillon Kitesurfing

Languedoc-Roussillon has 220 kms of sun-soaked Mediterranean coastline stretching along the Gulf of Lion from the western edge of the Camargue to the Spanish border just south of Perpignan. The region’s capital Montpellier, marks the spot where the mistral gives way to the tramontane, a strong, dry wind from the north or north west. Kitesurfing lessons with an FFVL qualified instructor can be booked at one of the many kitesurf schools along the coast. Find a kitesurf school >

L'Espiguette Kitesurf Spot


Kitesurfing spot L’Espiguette | Go >

Great spot for beginners with a huge area to rig up and shallow water for a good way out, although be wary of the wind switching to offshore. The 600m trek across the dunes from the car park means you won’t see many windsurfers.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: SE,S,SW,W,NW.
Rider level: Beginner-Intermediate. Nearest airport: Montpellier.

Pot Camargue Kitesurfing Spot

Kitesurfing spot Port Camargue – Plage Sud

Plage Sud in Port Camargue is a huge stretch of sandy beach and if it’s blowing north or north-west you can really let fly. It’s a popular spot and can get pretty crowded, and watch out for the breakwaters. Kiting’s banned in the summer holiday season.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: NW,N.
Rider level: Intermediate-Advanced. Nearest airport: Montpellier.

Kitesurfing in Le Grau-du-Roi

© R_Julien

Kitesurfing spot Le Grau-du-Roi – Plage Nord

Straight forward launch and land makes Le Grau-du-Roi a great spot for beginners despite the narrow beach. The wind can whip up some chop making it a fun bump and jump location for freeriders. Kiting’s banned in the July/August holiday season.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: NW,N.
Rider level: Beginner-Advanced. Nearest airport: Montpellier.

Kitesurfing in Le Boucanet

Kitesurfing spot Le Boucanet

Le Boucanet marks the spot on the map where the Mistral gives way to the Tramontana, and when the latter is on, this is a top bump and jump spot. It also works in a south-easterly but downwind, the groynes become a hazard. Kiting is only permitted in the evenings in summer.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: NW,N,SE.
Rider level: Beginner-Advanced. Nearest airport: Montpellier.

Kitesurfing in La Grande Motte

Kitesurfing spot La Grande Motte

Montpellier’s most popular spot, La Grande Motte, although busy even during poor weather, has a good atmosphere and no particular hazards. Local kitesurf club Objectif Kiteloop control a launch/landing area exclusively for kitesurfers. Works best in a south easterly.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: S,SE.
Rider level: Beginner-Advanced. Nearest airport: Montpellier.

Kitesurfing in Carnon - Plage du Petit Travers

Kitesurfing spot Carnon – Plage du Petit Travers

A popular spot with local wave riders who shred the shorebreak in an onshore south-easterly. Kiting is banned in the summer holiday season, so you’ll need to head east towards La Grande Motte. It’s a busy beach and rules for launch and land have to be observed.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: SW,SE,E.
Rider level: Intermediate-Advanced. Nearest airport: Montpellier.

Kitesurfing in Palavas-les-Flots

© Craignos

Kitesurfing spot Palavas-les-Flots

South-westerly winds provide the best conditions at Palavas, which can be bolstered by an offshore Tramontana to up the ante for freeriders. Wave riders will be in their element in a south-easterly when a good-sized swell can build, just watch out for the harbour wall.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: SW,W.
Rider level: Intermediate-Advanced. Nearest airport: Montpellier.

Les Aresquiers Kitesurfing

© OT Vic la Gardiole

Kitesurfing spot Les Aresquiers

Excellent spot especially in a north-easterly, but a narrow and pebbly beach makes launching and landing your kite a bit delicate. It’s best to wade out a bit and launch from the water. There’s more of a wave here than at Espiguette, but in a south-easterly the resulting shorebreak coupled with the tightly packed groynes make an exit tricky. The Etang behind the beach is popular with beginners.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: SW,W,NW,N.
Rider level: Intermediate. Nearest airport: Montpellier.

Kitesurf spot Etang de Thau


Kitesurfing spot Pont Levis, Etang de Thau | Go >

Le Pont Levis at the Sète end of the Etang de Thau lagoon is a top spot when the northerly Tramontana is blowing and you want to avoid kiting the Med in off-shore conditions. In Tramontana the spot can get busy and there’s strict rules with launching and landing; only one kite at a time is permitted to launch or land from a designated ‘safe zone’. The Etang de Thau is huge, the water’s only about 1 metre deep and there’s chop for jumping.
Spot type: Lake. Best wind: NW,N.
Rider level: Intermediate-Advanced. Nearest airport: Montpellier.

Kitesurf Spot Sète Les 3 Digues

© Forum2Glisse

Kitesurfing spot Sète, Les Trois Digues | Go >

This spot on the beach 2 km west of Sète benefits from being one of Montpellier’s few official kitesurf zones during summer. If you’re looking for a spot with plenty of space to cruise, you’re in the right place. The spot works best in south-west to south-easterlies. Heading out in a northerly Tramontana conditions is ill-advised, the spot gets gusty and blows off-shore. But if it’s like that, just kite the Etang de Thau instead.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: SW,S,SE.
Rider level: Intermediate. Nearest airport: Montpellier.

Kitesurfing in Cap d'Agde, France


Kitesurfing spot Cap d’Agde | Go >

The kitesurf schools in Cap d’Agde operate in open water with boat support as the harbour wall at the eastern end of the beach makes kiting from the beach a sketchy endeavor. The same applies to La Tamarissière just to the west where the narrowly-spaced groynes can make life difficult. A southerly wind generates some decent waves. A westerly is perfect for freestyle riding as the groynes render near glassy conditions. The northerly Tramontana can be quite gusty near the shore but advanced kiters can ride flat out in open water and enjoy epic cross-shore conditions round the peninsula towards Marseillan Plage.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: W,SW,S,SE.
Rider level: Intermediate. Nearest airport: Montpellier.

Kitesurfing in Sain-Pierre la Mer


Kitesurfing spot Saint-Pierre la Mer

Located about midway between Montpellier and Perpignan, just to the north of Gruissan Plage, Saint Pierre la Mer has a huge beach and a dedicated kitesurf zone. The spot works in most wind directions. The northerly Tramontana brings about flat conditions, ideal for freestyle riders and beginners. Summer thermals and the warm Marin which blows in from the south-east both produce waves. The spot plays host each April to the to the Junior European Kitesurf Championships. There’s a huge car park by the beach on Boulevard des Embruns.
Spot type: Beach. Best wind: NE,E,SE,S.
Rider level: Beginner-Advanced. Nearest airport: Montpellier.

Kitesurfing in Leucate

© Tourisme-Leucate

Kitesurfing spot Leucate-La Franqui | Go >

Leucate is firmly on the world kitesurfing map and plays host to the “Mondial du Vent” competition each April. The beach is fine for beginners in lighter cross-shore winds, but becomes off-limits to anyone but advanced kiters if the offshore Tramontana kicks in with gusto. The Etang de Leucate, a sea-lake behind the beach is great for kitesurfers of all abilities.
Spot type: Beach/Lake. Best wind: NE,E,SE,S.
Rider level: Beginner-Advanced. Nearest airport: Perpignan.

  • Chad de Wet

    Hey guys…

    I am based in Antibes SOF from January till April 2014 and I am looking at taking some kite surfing lessons. I have kited before in Mexico back in 2011 so yeah i am still a beginner, however it is my new passion. I am looking at investing in a kit consisting of all the right equipment that will get me in the air asap.

    Does anyone know of any good schools around Cannes, Antibes, Nice or Monaco that can get me started.

    Please reply to the email provided…

    Thank you for the help.

    • Matt

      Hi Chad,
      You can try Air X Kite in Mandelieu-la-Napoule just down the road from Cannes. They do 3 or 5 day beginner courses, or they’ll assess your level and tailor the lessons and kite spot to your ability. A 3 hour session is 140 euros.
      Have a great time and let us know how you get on,

  • Samantha

    Hi Everyone,

    I live in Menton and I would like to bring my husband for a kitesurfing trip for his birthday (July). Is Hyeres the only spot that is windy all yr round? Does anyone know of any other spots?

    Thanks so much!

    • Matt

      Hi Samantha,

      Thanks for your enquiry. You could try near Fréjus – Saint Aygulf has a good reputation, and one of the few places besides Hyeres where kitesurfing is allowed in the height of summer. Kite Surf Evasion, based in Fréjus should be able to help you out with lessons and advise on the best spot.

      Hope that helps,


  • Sonja

    Hi, how much will a day / half-day of kitesurfing cost two young people? With instruction! Best Regards Sonja.

    • Matt

      Hi Sonja,

      Prices vary depending on your level and whether you have your own gear. Air X Kite prices are pretty typical for the area – if you’re a beginner, a 3 hour session for adults is 140 euros, 110 euros for under 18s. A 2 hour discovery session is 90 euros. If you’re already up and riding and just need supervision, a 3 hour session is 90 euros, or 50 euros if you have your own gear.

      Have fun!


  • Kelly

    Hi! I am an experienced kiteboarder and will be in the Cote d’Azur in June. I will bring my kites but would like to rent the board for ~5 days rather than transport it across the Atlantic. I will be in Antibes. Where might I rent a board?


  • mike

    Hi, I am driving down to the south of france with my family for a week in august. Which of the many recommendations above would be best for beginners (kids 17 and 13).

    tx Mike

    • Matt

      Hi Mike, thanks for your message.

      In August I would recommend heading to Hyeres and the Presqu’île de Giens. The beaches of the Almanarre is where you’ll have the best chance of wind and enough space for learning. To organise lessons try contacting Greg at KGG Kitesurf School

      Hope that helps! Have a great trip,

  • Dennis

    Hi Matt,

    I will be staying at Toison d’Or (Pampelonne) for 2 weeks as of tomorrow and consider to bringing my kite(s) and board. The wind forecast is ok, but blowing straight from the west (Windfinder).

    A few questions:
    – would it be possible to kitesurf in front of Pampelonne beach with Western wind?
    – can I rent kitesurf material close to St. Tropez or Ramatuelle?
    – Is kitesurfing anyway allowed in front of Pampelonne beach and if not, which place nearby do you recommend?

    Thank you.

    Friendly regards,
    Dennis from the Netherlands

    • Matt

      Hi Dennis,

      Thanks for your message. If you’re confident upwind, west to north-westerlies at Pampelonne generate good freeride conditions and you’re out of the July/August high season so you should be ok, just watch out for the yachts!

      You can rent gear at Kite Surf Evasion in Fréjus or Session Gliss in Calvalaire-sur-Mer.

      In terms of other spots nearby, you have a long, wide, sandy beach at Saint-Aygulf about 45 mins (30 kms) up the coast towards Fréjus, best in a south/south easterly. Kiting’s banned from mid-June until the end of September, so again right now you should be ok. Otherwise, there’s Gigaro beach/Pardigon about 12 kms to the south, best in a south-westerly.

      Hope that helps, have a great holiday!


  • Dan

    Hi. Heading to the south of France for the first three weeks in September (road trip) and would like to get some kiting in. I have my own gear which I will bring but I’m still a beginner having had lessons but a 2yr break (lost confidence after getting lofted) from kiting so could use a refresher and supervision/launch assistance/shallow water. Ideally want to be up and riding and happy up wind before I leave. Trouble is wife and young son will be with me so the surf spot needs to be near somewhere that they can safely spend the day sightseeing, walking shopping etc… Any ideas?

    Thanks dan.

    • Hi Dan, thanks for getting in touch! If I were you I’d head to the area between Martigues and Six-Fours-les-Plages. You could head to spend a couple of days on the Etang de Berre lagoon to get your confidence back up (there’s a kitesurf school there called Hot Mer). You’ll be close to Aix en Provence, which is a beautiful town with lots to see and do for the family. Then you could head towards La Ciotat and Le Brusc ( should keep you right), and the family will enjoy visiting Cassis and the nearby Calanques – a fantastic spot for a walk and a swim.

      Hope that helps, have a great trip!


  • Fulya

    Hi Matt,
    we want to come last minute to Grimaud to the Campingplace Des Mures with friends.
    The friends want to stay at a camping place which is good for their daughter. But I am interested in learing kitesurfing, so no knowledge and no experience in kitesurfing. Could you recommend me a surfschool and tell me in general how long the lessons should be for a good teaching lesson long enough to try to surf on my own 🙂
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Fulya, thanks for getting in touch! A beginners course will typically involve learning about the gear, safety and a session handling the kite on the beach, followed by body dragging in the water, and finally learning to ride the board. With no previous experience, a 3-day course of 4 hours a day should see you up and riding.

      Kitesurf Evasion is a kitesurf school based in Fréjus and runs courses along the Grimaud coast including Saint Maxime and Saint Tropez:

      I hope that helps, have a great trip!


  • Ian

    I am visiting Nice the last week of April and would like to kite if conditions are good. I will only bring my harness and wetsuit. I am a strong intermediate kiter (10+ yrs). I enjoy both TT and Strapless surfboard. I will have a small car. Where can I rent kite/bar/board? What will the water temps be like? Where do you recommend to go? Do you think there will be other kiters out during the weekdays?

  • Hi Ian, thanks for getting in touch!

    You can rent the gear you need from A-Kite in Antibes ( or Air-X-Kite in Mandelieu ( But for both schools it would have to be part of a session from a boat…

    Water temp will be about 16 degrees, you’ll be fine in a good 3:2.

    If Palm Beach in Cannes isn’t working, you can head to Saint-Aygulf (along the coast past Frejus) where you have a long sandy beach and good wind options.

    Mid-week in April, if the conditions are right, there’ll certainly be others out, but you’ll have plenty of room around you.

    Hope that helps, have a great holiday!


  • Alex

    Hi guys,

    I will be visiting the South of France starting from Mid June and I am really keen to go kitesurfing.

    From the comments below I got the impression that many areas prohibit kitesurfing in high season? Does that already cover Mid June? What is the best spot to head to to have good wind and – of course – beautiful beaches 🙂 ?

    (my rider level is intermediate, but I bring my girlfriend who tries kitesurfing the first time)
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Alex, thanks for getting in touch!

      Generally, it’s the beaches near popular holiday resorts like Saint Tropez and Cannes that are closed to kitesurfers during the July and August school holidays. Mid-June you should be ok.

      To maximise your chances of getting good wind, I would recommend you head to Almanarre near Hyères. The spot has 2 long sandy beaches, shallow and deep water options, and works in a good variety of wind conditions. The beach is quite narrow making it challenging for beginners, but KiteXtrem can help your girlfriend out with lessons:

      I hope that helps, have a great holiday!


  • Axel

    Hi all,

    I’m a Swedish student and experienced kiter who is looking for a couple of weeks of good riding this summer somewhere in southern Europe. Since I lived in France before, I’d like to return and spend a good 2-4 weeks kiting while staying at some Airbnb place. However, the Mediterranean coast is long.. Which part of it will give me the best flat/choppy riding from mid-July to mid-August? Any places with good wind and water that doesn’t prohibit kiting during high season?


  • Matthew Reed


    I’m looking at booking a trip to Marseille at the end of September and would like to get as much kiting in as possible. What spot would you recommend for wave riding at that time of year? How is the wind in September – will i miss the mistrals?

    Thanks – any help greatly appreciated!


    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for getting in touch! Carro is regarded as ‘the wave spot’ around Marseille. The spot works in either a north-westerly which blows cross-off-shore with small clean waves or a south-easterly cross-on-shore with bigger waves, but some chop. Nearby Carry-le-Rouet also holds some swell. A Mistral tends to flatten out the waves, you can get it at any time of year, but more consistently in winter and spring – fingers crossed end of September you should be ok..!

      Hope that helps, have a great trip!


      • Matthew Reed

        Brilliant, very helpful. I was also thinking of staying in Montpellier. Which would you say was better for kiting spots?

        Thanks again.

        • Hi Matt,

          That’s a difficult call! There’s loads of good spots round Montpellier with Carnon and Palavas les Flots good for waves and Aresquiers a good all-round spot. I would say the coastline is more picturesque round Marseille, but there’s more options for kiting round Montpellier. You’re into Tramontana territory, but end of September the wind conditions should be pretty similar to Marseille. If you want more chance of good wind you might want to think about heading down to Leucate near Perpignan…

          Hope that helps..!


  • Richard Hatherall

    Hi there, I’m planning on coming to the South of France in early to mid October. What would be your recommendations for the spots with most reliable wind conditions?


  • Noah Meyer

    I am in lacoste right now and would like to kite. I am very experienced but will need to rent gear. Where would I go?

    • Hi Noah,

      Thanks for getting in touch! Try contacting Cédric at Hot School in Martigues, he should be able to help you out. 13 Route St Pierre, 13500 Martigues. +33 (0)6 27 05 77 42.

      Hope that helps,


    • Carolyn Welty-Fick

      My husband brought all his kiteboarding gear with him to kite in Ciotat. When he got there today he was told he could not kite on June, July and August without a boat to take him out. He would like to sell his board while here. We are staying in Cassis. Any suggestions?

      • Hi Carolyn, thanks for your comment.

        Yes, it’s annoying! It’s the same story at Epluchures and Le Brusc Six Fours, where kitesurfing is banned within 300 m of the beach from 9am to 7pm during the holiday season. If your husband wants to avoid using a boat, you can go to l’Almanarre which is just under an hour’s drive east of Cassis and has a zone dedicated to kitesurfing. More info here:

        As far as selling the board goes, you’ll find loads of kitesurf/windsurf shops round Hyeres near l’Almanarre, I would ask in a few of them to see if they would help you sell it. Or, if you’re planning to stay a while, you could create a small ad for free on

        Hope that helps, have a great holiday!


        • Carolyn Welty-Fick

          Thank you Matt! It is really great to be a traveler and get such a prompt response! When researching kiting sites this information was not available. We are trying to contact kite shops in Hyere to sell his board. We don’t want to drag it along for the rest of our trip! Thanks again!

          • You’re very welcome Carolyn, thanks for the feedback!


          • Carolyn Welty-Fick

            Thanks again Matt! With your suggestions my husband was able to sell his board today in Hyere. We are so thankful not to have to carry it all over Europe!

          • That’s great news Carolyn! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  • Tanre

    Hi all, I will be in Nice for about a week in August. I have read that I can not kite in August without a boat. Does anyone know where I can kite withing a few hours driving distance of Nice that has flat water and they allow kiters? PS…if anyone is around and wants to join a small kite trip, please let me know:)

    • Hi Tanre,

      L’Almanarre near Hyères has a zone dedicated to kitesurfing and is just 1 hour 30 mins from Nice if you take the A8/A57 motorways. If you head to the far end of the beach at La Madrague it’s less wavey. In an easterly (offshore) it’s flatwater the whole way along. Here’s a link to a page with more information on the spot:

      I hope helps, have a great trip,


  • maurice

    I’m working in Saintes Marie de la Mer for 2 months. I would like to learn Kitesurfing, does anyone know where I can start?
    Kind regards

    • Hi Maurice,

      Great to hear you’re spending the summer in the Camargue!

      There are a couple of kitesurf schools based in La Grande-Motte and Port Camargue, about 30 minutes drive west of Saintes-Maries:

      Kite and Flex, 72 avenue le foudroyant 30240, Port camargues. Tel +33 (0)6 77 52 76 20. Email

      Club30Kite, Camping Yellow village, route de l’Espiguette, 30240 Le Grau-du-Roi. Tel +33 (0)6 77 77 88 55. Email

      Enjoy learning to kitesurf – you’re going to love it!


  • Xav

    Hi Matt,

    Brilliant blog man!

    We will be in Montpellier first week of August, and looking for beginner/intermediate spots for kitesurfing around montpellier…

    What would you suggest ? And what’s the wind like (light, strong…?) during this period?

    • Hi Xav,

      Thanks a lot for getting in touch and for your supportive comment!

      Spots directly south of Montpellier like Palavas-les-Flots, Carnon and Grande Motte all work in a south/south-westerly and the spots can be quite gusty and shorebreaky, so unless you’re planning to go with the support of a kite school, I would recommend you head further east to Le Boucanet (NW), Le Grau-du-Roi (N,NW), Port Camargue (N,NW), l’Espiguette (S,SW,NW), or head to a lagoon like Pont Levis at the Etang de Thau which picks up some Tramontana.

      When it comes to wind speed, a spot like l’Espiguette will reliably get 12-15 knots in August, but like everywhere you just have to keep your eye on the Guru.

      Hope that helps, have a great trip,


  • Lianne Kerr

    hi. our family is looking to come from canada to kite in the south of france the end of april, beginning of may — but only for a few days. we’re beginner/intermediate and would love some smooth sailing. any suggestions on where to kite?

    • Hi Lianne,

      Great to hear you’re planning some kitesurfing in France!

      I would suggest that you either head towards Perpignan and kite around Leucate where you have both a lagoon and a Mediterranean beach in close proximity, or you go to l’Almanarre on the Presqu’île de Giens near Hyères where you have a huge beach with calmer conditions at the far end. Choosing either of those spots will maximise your chances of getting good wind and the conditions are good for beginners and intermediates.

      Here’s some more info:

      I hope that helps, have a great trip,


      • Lianne Kerr

        thanks, matt. you’re awesome. is the wind likely to be blowing at that time of year — end of april?

        • Hi Lianne, you’re very welcome!

          Yes, the wind should be blowing great – they actually hold the Mondial du Vent windsports event in Leucate around the 20th April: You should expect a good number of 4 Bft and 5 Bft days (10.5 to 21 knots).

          Hope that helps!


        • Hi Lianne, you’re very welcome!

          That’s right, the Mondial du Vent windsports event takes place in Leucate around the 20th April.

          In l’Almanarre you can try contacting Fabien at KiteXtrem:

          The wind should be blowing great – you should expect a good number of 4 Bft and 5 Bft days (10.5 to 21 knots).

          Hope that helps!


  • Henrik Kehlet

    Hi, My family and I are spending three weeks summer holiday in the south of France.
    We have an auto camper so we can get around easily.
    Can you help recommend a good spot in walking distance of a family friendly camping site.
    Prefer on to side shore wind where it is possible to surf in / surf out from the camp site ;o)
    Would be great if the camp site has a pool and is in biking distance to a city.
    Have been to El Gouna Egypt and stayed at the Môvenpick hotel where I found that you get the most time on the water and with the family when spot and accommodation is right on top of each other.
    Have a great summer and surf.
    Regards Henrik.

    • Hi Henrik,

      Great to hear you have 3 weeks in the south of France!

      I think l’Almanarre near Hyeres would be ideal for you. It’s a peninsula with a 4 km beach and behind the beach there are campsites that are great for families. One campsite you may want to check out is Camping Clair de Lune at the top end of the peninsula.

      I hope that helps, have a great holiday and enjoy the kiting!


      • Henrik Kehlet

        Thanks for the quick answer. I will check it out.
        By the way …. do I need some kind of a licens or ticket to kite surf at l*Almanarre ?
        Thanks again.

        • Hi Henrik,

          In France, officially, you need to have insurance to kitesurf, in case you damage property or injure yourself or someone else. If your travel insurance doesn’t cover you for kitesurfing, you can purchase an FFVL licence for 45 € which includes insurance. You can buy it online: or in any kitesurf school.

          Hope that gives you what you need!


      • Henrik Kehlet

        No doubt the l*Almanarre looks great, but we would like a larger camping site with pool preferably for kids.

        Have looked at the spots around Port Camargue like L’Espiguette. How is with the wind i august?

        Or how about Sète og Agde – are there any good spots close to camping sites down that way?
        Thanks again with the help.

        • Hi Henrik,

          On the Presqu’ile de Giens, behind l’Almanarre beach you also have Camping International which is a big 4-star campsite with a pool, etc.

          L’Espiguette is also a great spot and works in a range of winds (S,SW,NW). You should find that you get a good number of 12-15 knot days in August. The best thing to do is check WindGuru:

          In between Sète and Agde you have the Etang de Thau lagoon, which works great in Tramontana. The best place to launch is Pont Levis on the Sète side of the lagoon where the water’s less than 1 metre deep. Camping Le Castellas between the Etang and the sea looks great for kids.

          Hope that helps!


  • Oscar

    hi Matt or anyone else with good advice 🙂 – we are looking for a camping in the south of france or along the west cost (including pool & close to the coast), we want to rent a camper / apartment at the spot itself. Small difficulty is that we are bringing along a dog (it’s a labrador 🙂 ) and not all campings allow that. Can you recommend any specific campings that are close to a kite surfing spot and where we can rent a camper / apartment on-site? cheers Oscar & Kasia

    • Hi Oscar and Kasia,

      Thanks for getting in touch!

      Try Camping La Presqu’île de Giens near Almanarre Beach. They have a pool and mobile homes and chalets for rent, and allow pets.
      153, route de la Madrague – Giens – 83400 Hyères. Tel +33(0)4 94 58 22 86.

      Here’s more info on the kitesurfing spot:

      Hope that helps, have a great holiday,


      • Oscar

        Big thanks Matt, very helpful! – we are going to request the camping for some more information. Looks very promising! We heard a popular spot is also the Montpellier area, are you aware of any popular camping + kitings+ dog spots in this region also?

        Oscar & Kasia

        • Hi Oscar and Kasia,

          Yes, there’s some great spots near Montpellier. Your best bet is to go towards Le Grau-du-Roi and l’Espiguette.

          Camping de l’Espiguette is right on the beach and allows pets, but gets mixed reviews. Camping Secrets de Camargue also allows pets, gets great reviews, but is 10 minutes from the spot.

          Camping de l’Espiguette, Route de l’Espiguette, 30240 Le Grau-du-Roi. Tel +33 (0)4 66 51 43 92

          Camping Secrets de Camargue, Route de l’Espiguette, 30240 Le Grau-du-Roi. Tel +33 (0)4 66 80 08 00

          Hope that gives you what you need,


  • Stephan

    Hi Matt,
    I am on the way to the provence with my girlfriend and
    little dog in a camping bus. Do you hava any recommendation for a nice
    beautiful beach and camping area where you can go kitesurfing? the plan
    is to travel further to the atlantic next week. so we will also pass
    Montpellier. I am more into wave riding with and without kite. my
    girlfriend does not kite. so any suggestion for a place we both like
    would be highly appreciated! thanks very much in advance!
    best, stephan

    oh, and we are currently heading towards cassis, but can change anytime…

    • Hi Stephan,

      Thanks a lot for getting in touch!

      A great place to head to is Almanarre beach on the Presqu’île de Giens near Hyères. There’s a huge beach that’s great for kiting, but there’s also lots of other activities too like cycling, SUP, sea kayaking, water skiing and exploring the nearby Ile de Poquerolles. For a place to park the van, check out Camping International:

      If Almanarre is too far out of your way, La Ciotat is a spot close to Cassis that works well in a south-easterly and gets good waves. It’s even possible to have a mellow longboard session here.

      As you head past Montpellier, you’ll get to Sète and the Etang de Thau which is great as you have the Med beach and the lagoon behind, so you can kite in almost any wind direction. Here’s more info on the spot: It’s tricky to recommend a campsite around Sète as they all get such mixed reviews, but Camping Le Castellas is in a good location between the sea and the lagoon.

      Further round the coast, just south of Narbonne, you have Gruissan which has a really nice beach and good waves in an onshore, then Leucate, which is regarded as one of the top kitesurfing spots in France.

      On the Atlantic coast, Hendaye is good for kiting, and as you travel north, Seignosse, Moliets Plage and Biscarrosse are also good. And of course, when it’s offshore you can ditch the kite and go surfing!

      I hope that helps a bit, have a great trip!


  • Heather

    Can you tell me if there is kitesurfing in Cassis or close by? And is it allowed in July?? Thank you!

    • Hi Heather,

      Thanks a lot for your message!

      Your closest spots to Cassis are La Ciotat and Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer. Unfortunately both these spots are off-limits to kitesurfers from the beginning of June to the end of August. You can get round the ban by organising a boat drop from La Ciotat to deeper water away from the shore.

      Otherwise, your nearest summer spots are l’Almanarre near Hyères further east and Le Jaï on the Etang de Berre lagoon, the other side of Marseille.

      I hope that helps!


  • TempleClause

    Hey there!

    Heading to Port-Saint-Louis soon. Unfortunately all the websites of the kite schools are french which I don’t understand 😉

    We have our own gear and can kite safely, do we still need to buy anything? In some places they require you to pay a fee for kiting.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Timothy,

      Great to hear you’re planning a kitesurfing trip to the Camargue!

      There’s no fee as such, but in France, officially, you need to have insurance to kitesurf in case you damage property or injure yourself or someone else. If your travel insurance doesn’t cover you for kitesurfing, you can purchase an FFVL licence for 45 € which includes insurance. You can buy it online:, or in any kitesurf school.

      Hope that gives you what you need. Have a great trip!


  • Christian Sylvestre

    Thinking about going to Marseille for a few days towards the end of October. Is there still enough wind to kite at that time? If so, any suggestion for nice spots for beginner-intermediate?



    • Hi Christian, thanks for getting in touch!

      Great to hear you’re planning a kiting trip to Marseille! Yes, if you keep an eye on the forecast and you don’t mind driving a little bit, you should find some wind. At the end of October you’re into that transition period between the summer thermal southerlies and the winter Mistral northerlies, so it’s best to aim for a spot that works in lots of wind directions.

      As a beginner-intermediate, I would recommend Le Jai on a shallow lagoon called the Etang de Berre, or further west to Beauduc, which is a huge U-shaped beach where everything from southerly to northerly works. Nearer Marseille you have La Pointe Rouge which gets a mostly onshore wind and 100 m of shallow water by the beach. If it’s too gusty, you can launch from Le Glissant where it’s a bit more sheltered. Otherwise you could head east from Marseille to La Ciotat and Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer, but the wind is a bit more unreliable here.

      I hope that gives you something to chew on. Have a great trip!


  • jordi lopez

    Hi.. I found your post very interesting. I’m planning to go next week to the Camargue area. The forecast shows some strong NW and N winds.. I’ll visit Beauduc but I’m looking for some waves around. Can you recomend me any spot? I don’t mind to drive around. Seems that Carro has nice waves but not sure if it’s good for kite.

    • Hi Jordi, thanks for getting in touch!

      With strong N,NW winds you should get some waves at Beauduc… You’re right, Carro is regarded as one of the top wave spots on the Mediterranean. North-westerlies blow cross-offshore and generate some nice clean waves. Straight northerlies blow directly offshore though, so not recommended. Bear in mind as well that Carro is a sketchy launch and land. In a northerly you’re better off heading to La Pointe Rouge, where you’ll get some nice waves. If the wind switches to E,SE, Sainte-Marie-de-la-Mer gets decent waves.

      Hope that helps, have a great trip!


  • Amy

    Hello ActiveAzur,

    We are thinking about going to the Southcoast of France for a week, to improve our skills. Is this a good time/place to do kitesurfing? How much wind/knots are there on average in october? If I look on windfinder, windstatistics it doesn’t exceed 10-12 knots? =( Is it crowding, about how many kiters? If the When the conditions in october is good, which place would you recommend for a beginner-intermediate (myself) and intermediate-expert (friend), all-levels.;)
    We are excited to discover the Soutcoast of France, but if the conditions are not very good.. we will visit you some other time.

    Kind regards,


  • Pablo Lassalle

    Hello Matt

    We are thinking about going to the Southcoast of France for a week. Is june a good time to do
    Which place do you recommend for an intermediate skilled rider with reliable wind and not over crowded ?We need a place with a good hotel over or very near the kitespot because we have a one year old Child
    Thank You in advance
    Kind regards
    Pablo from Argentina

    • Hi Pablo, thanks for getting in touch! Great that you’re thinking about the south of France for your kitesurfing trip!

      In June, your best bet for good wind is the western Mediterranean between Gruissan and Leucate. The north-westerly Tramontana wind blows for 300 days a year, and if it’s too strong or too gusty on the beach, you can move to one of the inland lagoons. Here’s a link with more info:

      Leucate hosts the Mondial du Vent comp in April and it’s crowded round that time, and the French holidays start in July, so June is a good time! There’s lots of options for accommodation including campsites with mobile home rental between the beach and lagoon.

      I hope that gives you what you need, have a great trip!


  • Elizabeth Clark

    Hello there,

    I am looking at taking a weeks kitesurfing trip to the South of France in late March – early April. Can anyone please offer any insight towards the conditions at this time of year.

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Elizabeth, thanks for getting in touch!

      Late March/early April is a great time to go kitesurfing in the south of France, but for the most reliable wind conditions I would stay west of Hyéres.

      Stats from Windfinder show that in the western Mediterranean towards Leucate you’re looking at an average wind speed of 15 kts in both March and April with a probability of the wind being greater than 4 Beaufort of 61% in March and 59% in April.

      In Hyères/Almanarre you can expect an average wind speed of 10 kts and a wind probability of 40% in March and 39% in April.

      Further east (St Aygulf, St Laurent du Var), you can get good days in March and April, but it’s just a bit more unreliable.

      I hope that helps, have a great trip!


      • Elizabeth Clark

        Thank you so much for getting back to me Matt! This defo gives me food for thought and is exactly what i was looking for – a starting point!

        Many thanks again! Very much appreciated!

        • You’re very welcome Elizabeth, let me know if you need more info as your plans take shape…


  • Jason

    Hi Matt,

    What”s it like in and around La Gande Motte in August please?



    • Hi Jason, thanks for getting in touch!

      La Grande Motte is a popular holiday spot in August and the beach is packed, so kitesurfing is regulated, but not banned. Objectif Kiteloop, a kitesurf club in La Grande Motte have secured a channel that is green flagged in a favourable south-easterly allowing surfers access to open water. The condition is that they stay at least 300 m from the shore.

      The best time of year for wind in La Grande Motte is spring, dropping in the summer and picking up again in October, so getting good wind could be an issue in August. If you bring at least a 12 m you could be lucky.

      About half an hour further east towards the Camargue, l’Espiguette is wide open, less regulated and works in more wind directions, so there’s more chance you’ll get a decent day’s kiting. Here’s more info on the spot:

      Hope that helps a bit!


      • jason

        Thanks Matt. It that the same for Le Grau-du-Roi?

        • Hi Jason,

          Yes, it’s similar at Le Grau-du-Roi – kiting’s banned from the beach during the school holidays, so the kite schools either use l’Espiguette, or they use boats to access deeper water…

          Round Montpellier, L’Espiguette’s probably going to be your best bet, unless you want to head further west towards Sète and the Etang de Thau.

          Hope that helps!


  • Peter Chan

    Hi Matt: I am debating visiting west of Hyéres from April 16-24. I see that leucate is actually having the Mondial du vent around that time and so it will probably be incredibly busy! I am basically looking for somewhere quiet where I can kite every day in relative peace, with a nice bottle of Perrier and a block of Reblochon. I am planning on visiting by myself.

    Do you have any other suggestions? I speak French and don’t mind renting a car.

    • Hi Peter, thanks for getting in touch!

      You’re right, Leucate will be busy during the Mondiale du Vent.. You could take a look just a bit further up the coast at Gruissan, about equidistant between Perpignan and Montpellier airports. The northerly Tramontana is just as consistent and you have a choice of the huge beach at Vieille Nouvelle, or the Etang du Grazel lagoon, halfway between Gruissans and La Plage des Chalets. If you have the car, you could always head down to Leucate to enjoy the buzz in the evenings. Another option closer to Montpellier is Sète and the Etang de Thau, again you’ll have a choice of sea or lagoon. When it comes to supplies, you’ll find Perrier no problem, but you might have to swap your Reblochon for a Pélardon..!

      Hope that helps, have a great trip!


  • Daniel Marston

    Hi @mattw01:disqus

    I’ve had a look through all the posts below, but I’ve got a pretty particular situation and am wondering if you can help.

    I’m going to be on my own in or around Montpellier on 23rd / 24th June, in between leaving one group of friends and meeting another, and figured it would be a good opportunity to get some kiting in. I’m looking for a good beginner / intermediate spot where I can rent kit and which is easy to get to from Montpellier train station by public transport (or cheap by taxi). It would be amazing if I could find somewhere which is chilled and friendly (my French is incredibly basic) and which maybe even has accommodation suited to a lone traveler, but I realise this might be a bit much to ask! If you’ve got any recommendations that would be great.

    Thanks very much!

    • Hi Dan, thanks for getting in touch, great to hear you’ll have the chance to get some kiting in!

      I would recommend you head to Sète on the Etang de Thau, about 30 km down the coast from Montpellier. It’s picturesque and chilled out and a great spot because you have the choice of the sea or the lagoon, so it works in a lot of wind directions. You can get there by train from Montpellier in just under 20 minutes. Tickets are about 6 €. There are a few trains per day, check for times. Here’s a link to the Sète write-up:

      There’s a kitesurf school called Fil d’Air based at Mèze on the far side of the lagoon that can help you out with kit and local knowledge. You can easily catch a bus from Sète train station to Mèze, here’s the timetable:

      Near the spot, there’s some small hotels that might suit for a night or two. One budget example is Hotel de Thau in Mèze ( Closer to Fil d’Air is the Village Club Thalassa ( and three star Hotel de la Pyramide ( Otherwise Camping Beau Rivage ( has mobile homes to rent.

      Hope that gives you something to go on, good luck planning your trip!


      • Daniel Marston

        Hi Matt,

        Thanks so much – that’s incredibly helpful. It also just so happens that it’s Meze I’ve got to be in for the weekend (I’ve got a friend’s wedding there), so it would make complete sense for me to head there. I guess I’d miss out on seeing a bit of Montpellier, but not the end of the world by any means.

        Thanks again!.

        • You’re very welcome Dan! I love it when a plan comes together!

          As an alternative you could try the other side of Montpellier – just past Le-Grau-du-Roi there’s a decent spot called l’Espiguette, but you’re more limited with wind and accommodation options…

          Have a great trip!


  • Tarek AlQazzaz

    Hi @matt@mattw01:disqus I am traveling to Nice by the end of March and for the firs week of April. I want to spend a good week working on my kitesurfing (started jumping, I just need to master it, so I prefer shallower and flatter waters to practice more). So I am open for the spending the week I have anywhere between Marseille and Montpellier (I prefer Montpellier as I have friends over there). So, can you recommend a good spot for me. A nice beach that is doesn’t require a 20 minute drive in (like in the case of Beauduc), somewhere where there is a always a kiteschool nearby just in case I need help with equipment. It would be great if you can help me out here.



    • Hi Tarek,

      Thanks for stopping by! You could head to Mèze about 30 km south of Montpellier. You’ll be on a lagoon with a good stretch of shallow water and the option of a sea beach if the conditions suit. There’s a kite school there called Fil d’Air and they’ll be able to sort you out with gear and tips on the spot.

      Hope that helps, have a great trip!


      • Tarek AlQazzaz

        Thanks Matt,

        But can I ask you something here; beginning of April what’s the best spot in southern France. Is it Beauduc, or are they all the same?

        Thank you

        • Hi Tarek,

          At the beginning of April the best area is probably between Leucate and Sète, as the Tramontana wind blows so consistently, and I would say the best spot is Leucate-La Franqui. Having said that, it’s a great time to go kitesurfing in southern France and Beauduc and l’Almanarre are also both likely to be good.

          Hope that helps!


          • Tarek AlQazzaz

            Hi Matt,

            Sorry to bother you one more time. But since everybody describes Beauduc as a better spot, because it has more shallow water and a bigger beach, I think I want to go there. So my question is, how accessible is the beach. Can I drive by myself everyday back and forth, or do I need to be taken there by people who know the way. And if I can drive myself, should I get a regular car or does it have to be a 4X4, and how long would it take to reach the kiting spot.
            Finally, is there a kiteschool that I can deal with while I am there?

            Thanks Matt

          • Hi Tarek,

            No problem at all. Beauduc is accessible in a regular car, but the road is poor in places. The spot is located about 17 km from Salin de Giraud and the drive will take about 40 minutes. From the centre of Salin de Giraud, head back towards Arles on the D36 and turn left after 1.5 km towards the Etang de Vaccares. After 2 km turn left again towards Belugue. Follow the tarmac road for a number of kilometres and you’ll end up on a track that stretches for about 6 km and is very narrow and in poor condition. If you drive slowly you’ll get through no worries. After a 40 minute adventure you’ll arrive at the beach car park.

            Fil d’Air kitesurf school based in Mèze also use Beauduc, here’s a link:

            Hope that gives you a bit more to go on…


  • A Christensen

    Dear Matt,

    thanks for answering questions about kite spots in southern France.

    I am looking at going to southern France from may 7 to may 16.

    I am not sure how to interprete windfinders statistics properly. 48% and 11 knots is identical to the April statistics, but may seems to be considered worse than April from my understanding.

    How many days out of 10 would you think that we should have sufficient wind above 14 knots? If the wind probability is not very high, it might be better to look at a different destination.

    Should I bring the whole quiver from 7-12 metres because of big wind variation?
    We would look at a spot that is beginner friendly, for instance in the Leucate-Gruissan region, as one of the group is pretty new and not yet riding upwind.

    Best regards

    • Hi Alex,

      Thanks for getting in touch! I think you’re right in the way you’ve interpreted the wind stats. The Tramontana can blow at any time of year, but it’s far more consistent in April and drops off a lot in May. If you’re fixed on France, you could be better heading towards Hyeres where the wind is more consistent in May. There’s no lagoon, but there’s a huge beach at the Almanarre peninsula where you get waves at one end and much calmer water at La Madrague at the far end of the beach. The dominant wind is cross-shore which should suit the less experienced riders and there’s a kitesurf school there called KGG. You should be ok with your 12 metre kite, but check the short term forecast before you leave. Here’s a link to info on the spot (

      There’s a good kitesurfer-friendly campsite there called Camping International Giens with lots of accommodation options including apartments and mobile homes (

      Hope that helps a bit,


  • Tarek AlQazzaz

    hi @@mattw01:disqus The wind forecast for Beauduc on windguru keeps changing. I was wondering if there is a live wind speed for this area, or any area close by.

    Thank you


    • Hi Tarek,

      I think the nearest low altitude FFVL balise is in Saint-Côme inland from Montpellier:

      It’ll give you a more real-time indication than the guru, but it’s inland and not right at the spot, so it won’t be completely accurate…


  • Tarek AlQazzaz


    Hi Matt,

    Can you please tell me what are the best spots to kite in montepellier in May. I am taking my wife who is a beginner (just got on the board), so I want spots that have shallow water and are mostly flat.

    Thank you

    • Hi Tarek,

      Sounds like your plans are developing! Would you consider going a bit further east towards Hyères? The wind can be more reliable there in May. In reply to a previous comment from @disqus_TDICqIT5iq:disqus who had a similar requirement, I had suggested l’Almanarre as a good spot to head to.

      Let me know if that helps, or if it’s too far from where you want to be.



      • Tarek AlQazzaz

        Actually my plans got canceled last minute and I had to reschedule and I was thinking of Mid May. So to confirm, you are saying Hyeres would be better than Leucate. So how many days of wind (14 knots and above) do we get in a week during this time in Hyeres? I know it varies, but please give me an estimate from past experience. Thank you Matt

  • Harpreet Singh

    Hey Matt

    Very interesting article! I organize adventure trips for groups of people and was considering organizing a Beginners KiteSurfing Camp somewhere around the last week of July or first week of August. Where would you recommend i do it ? Good for Beginners, Beautiful location, budget pricing and possibility of good nightlife around ?

    Also if you could recommend some schools who could do a 4-5 day beginners “course” ?

    • Hi Harpreet,

      Thanks for getting in touch, sounds like a great project! I would recommend you try the Almanarre peninsula near Hyères. Camping International is located right on the beach and well set up with a variety of accommodation, including mobile homes and chalets, and there’s a kite school on site. Here’s some links:

      Spot info:
      Kitesurf School:

      I hope that helps, best of luck planning the trip!


      • Harpreet Singh

        Thanx Matt but I just used camp as a figurative term since its mostly beginners and i offer it like a short course…however the people that come with me are between 27 & 35 yrs old and not looking at a camping kind of accommodation scene…Reasonable hotel vibe is fine….Just wanted to understand, which area would be a more reasonably priced in terms of instructor fee and relatively cheaper equipment rentals with a mix of good buzzy nightlife scene because the folks with me are usually a social bunch 🙂 What do u think ?

        • Hi Harpreet,

          Ok, I understand. End of July, beginning of August, you’re up against it with regards to the wind and beach access for kitesurfers. Given that and the fact you want somewhere with nightlife, I would still suggest you look at Almanarre – there are plenty of reasonable hotels nearby, including a Belambra resort at the far end of the peninsula and some good bars/restaurants along Place des Pêcheurs.

          I hope that gives you a bit more to go on.


          • Harpreet Singh

            Thanx Matt….U mean earlier in july would be better with winds than last week july ?
            Also my friend suggested Lake Poncon, u think thats a good idea ?
            Lastly, in your article your mentioned a place called beauduc which u said is wild and unqiue and on with winds through the year, not a good idea for my group ?

          • Hi Harpreet,
            The chance of good wind is marginally better in early July compared to late July, and generally in July and August you’ll find better wind in eastern areas, i.e. from Toulon to Nice. Yes, Serre Ponçon and Beauduc are both good options if you’re purely thinking about the kitesurfing, but once you add in your requirement for nightlife, I would suggest they’re not so suitable. Typically, in Beauduc, you would camp on the beach and make your own fun. Serre Poncon isn’t great for complete beginners as it helps if you can already stay upwind.
            Food for thought..!

  • Lydé Kiss

    Hi there,

    I am a professional and sponsored kitesurfer (waverider) from South Africa and I just recently moved to Switzerland so, obviously, I am totally feeling like a fish out of water! I will be doing a couple of training trips this year and I have my eye on France to make a stop at least 3 or 4 times.

    Which spots can you recommend that have accommodation close to the spot, medium to bigger size waves and regular wind? Also, what the best swell direction would be to look out for and whether the suitable winds are from the left or right. I am goofy but I would like to get spots to train both backhand and forehand (hopefully that’s not asking for too much!).

    Your help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Lydé, thanks a lot for getting in touch!

      Waves in the Med are wind fetch, so a southerly will generate more swell than a northerly. However, northerlies – Mistral, Tramontana are the dominant winds. So, on the Med from the Spanish border to Montpellier, the wind is predominantly from your left. From Montpellier to Nice, it’s all coves and peninsulas, so it varies depending on the spot. Carro and Pointe Rouge near Marseilles are renowned for their waves. Beauduc is great and will get some chop, but there’s not much in terms of accommodation. The bottom end of Almanarre will also get some waves when the conditions are right, and there’s a great campsite called Camping International Giens with mobile home accommodation and a kite school on site.


      Otherwise, for waves in France you really need to head over to the Atlantic Coast – Hendaye, Seignosse, Moliets Plage. There’s loads of great spots – huge sandy beaches, great waves and relaxed atmosphere. The only thing is the wind isn’t as consistent as the Med. Kite days are often on-shore or cross shore.

      In spring, you should try to get to Leucate. There’s not much in the way of waves but the wind is a really good and consistent northerly Tramontana and there’s a huge event called the Mondial du Vent in April.

      Mondial du Vent:

      Probably haven’t given you the technical detail you were after, but once you’ve nailed down some spots I can put you in touch with some kite schools who can help with specifics.

      Have fun in Switzerland!


    • Philipp Toth

      Hi Lyde, did you move to Switzerland already? I am a Brazilian wave kiter recently moved to Zurich! Would be great to get in contact with you – i feel like fish out of the water too :-). Did you find already some decent waves? Abraco, Philipp

  • JH

    Hi Matt,

    I am presently visiting friends in Istres and I am trying to kitesurf at one of the nearby spots. Unfortunately, my board broke. I am on a budget and I do not want to buy expensive new equipment. Is there a good shop or online network for purchasing used equipment/last year’s equipment in the local area?

    Additionally, my wife is going to be visiting me and I want to buy her a kiteboarding lesson (she has previous experience). Her French is limited and I want to hire an instructor that can teach her in English. Can you recommend a local school that can help me? Thank you.


    • Hi Justin, thanks for getting in touch! Happy to help with this.

      For second hand boards, it’s hard to beat the Bon Coin website. Here’s a link:

      Otherwise, in Martigues, the Hot Mer surf shop has some second hand gear. Here’s a link to the kitesurf boards:

      It may also be worth checking the local Troc second hand store. There’s one in Saint-Mitre-les-Remparts, about 8 km down the road from Istres. They usually have a good selection of watersports gear.

      There’s a kitesurf school in Martigues called Hot School that will move to the best location on the day. The school is AF Kite endorsed and most instructors will have some English, but you’ll just need to specify when you book that you’d prefer an English speaking instructor. Here’s a link to contact details:

      Hope that gives you what you need. Enjoy the rest of your trip!


      • JH

        Perfect! Thank you for the help, Matt. I am looking forward to a few good days of riding.

        • You’re very welcome Justin, hope you get sorted out. Wind looks pretty good over the next few days..!


  • Juan

    Hi Matt, i´m going to spend some days in Nice (last week of june and first week of july), and I really want kitesurf while i will be there and I was wondering if you know if there is a kitesurfing school or shop near Nice to rent equipment. Thank for your time. Best regards Juan

  • Jake

    Great read and thanks for the info. I’m moving to France for the period between October and April, would there be purpose for me to bring kite gear from Canada or is the south of France primarily a summer season kite spot?


    • Hi Jake, thanks for your message!

      Great to hear you’re moving to France this winter! I would definitely bring your kite gear – the Tramontana blows 300 days per year through the western Mediterranean from Perpignan to Montpellier, and the Mistral which blows down the Rhone Valley can kick in at any time of the year but is stronger and more sustained during winter and spring. You’ll only be missing out on the summer thermals, so pack your kite for sure.

      Hope that helps, good luck with the move!


  • Simon Heß

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for this, helps a lot.
    I’m looking for a place to spend a holiday with my girlfriend. We’re both beginners and want to go in mid-September. So obviously we need a place with a (English-speaking) school, but also, it would be ideal if the spot would also be not so far from nature, so that we can spend our non-surfing hours hiking or biking.


    • Hi Simon, thanks for your message!

      In September, given average wind forecasts, I would either recommend Leucate near Perpignan or Almanarre beach near Hyères. In Leucate, you’re not too far (100 km) from the Pyrénées Catalanes with its many kilometres of superb hiking and biking trails. There’s an FFC mountain biking trail centre at Font-Romeu and a bike park in Les Angles. In Almanarre, you’re on a beautiful peninsula and you can hike and bike the coastal paths or take a boat from Port de la Tour Fondue to the stunning Île de Porquerolles. Camping International have a kitesurf school and bike rental on site. Here’s some links with more info:


      Hope that helps, have a great trip!


  • Nathalie


    I’m staying in Villefranche sur mer for September. Where are the best spots to kite for this time of year? I have a car here.


  • Dave F


    I’ll be traveling from Barcelona to Nice over the next week and would love to kite somewhere along the way. This article shows there are plenty of places to do it! Only catch is I don’t have my gear with me… I am an experienced kiter and am not looking for lessons, but are you aware of anywhere that rents out equipment at any of these spots?


  • neil

    I have recently moved to the south of France close to Perpignan, i have had a couple of lesson and got all the kit, but i only have a 12m kite and was wondering what size would be best to get next to see me through Oct, Nov so i can carry on learning. Not sure how strong the wind gets during the winter do you have any knowledge of this as it will be a big factor in deciding which size of kite to get?



    • Hi Neil, thanks for your message!

      Great to hear that you’ve moved to Perpignan, by this time next year you’re gonna be shredding!

      I honestly think you’ll be fine with your 12m for the next few months. That’s a great size that let’s you get out on lots of days and the avg. wind speed tends to drop where you are over the winter. It’s difficult to advise on kite size because there are a number of individual factors, like your weight and ability. Next March/April, when the wind starts picking up, you could look at getting a smaller kite like a 9m, but at that point I would take advice from a local kitesurf school on exactly what to get.

      Probably not the answer you were looking for, but hope that helps a bit..!

      Have fun and good luck,


      • neil

        Hi Matt
        Thanks for getting back to me, I will probably keep practicing with the 12m then go for another lesson and ask their advice as they will know the area the best.

        All the best


        • That sounds like a plan Neil! You’ll have kiteloops nailed before next spring!

          All the best,


  • Daniela

    Hi guys!

    I’m moving to Montpellier on January next year and I would like to know if there are any open spots I could go to before summer and what equipment do I need.

    I have a 11m North EVO and a 7m North NEO but I’m not sure if by winter I would need maybe a bigger one or if I can even kite at all! I weight 111 pounds and prefer flat water.

    I also have a 3,2mm wetsuit since I’m used to kite in a cold lake back in my country but I’m afraid that won’t do for winter in France :/ Maybe I need a thicker one?

    I also would like to meet kiter friends nearby, since I’m gonna be traveling by myself and kiting alone is not that fun. Do you guys know of any facebook groups or communities in Montpellier that arrange kitetrips or share any content of this sort?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Hi Dani, thanks for your message, great to hear you’re moving to Montpellier!

      To begin with I recommend you check out Espiguette which has a huge sandy beach and straightforward kiting conditions in lots of wind directions.

      As you’re used to kitesurfing on a lake, you could also check out Sète and the Etang de Thau 30 km south-west of Montpellier. Here’s some links to more info:


      There’s a kitesurf club in Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone near Palavas-les-Flots which would be a good place to go to meet other kiters. Here’s a link:

      I think with the gear you have you should be fine. You’re nice and light and the 11m will be fine a lot of the time. Once you nail down your favourite spot, you may decide you need something else, but as the wind can vary so much between spots, I would wait until you’re familiar with the area before you buy something. With regards to wetsuits, rarely do you need more than a 3:2 in the Med. If you feel the cold, you may be more comfortable in a 4:3 in January and February, but you’ll be back in your 3:2 by March.

      I hope that gives you what you need. Best of luck with the big move!


      • Daniela

        Thanks Matt! Very useful info 🙂

        • You’re very welcome Daniela! Good luck with the move!


  • Karen Whitton

    Hi! My boyfriend and I are looking for a potential spot for a few days kiting over Christmas. I know the wind might be a bit lower at this time, can anyone advise on normal wind speeds for winter? Also potentially will be staying in our van if campsites are open at that time of year? Thanks in advance. Karen

  • Joke van Hoboke

    Hello, I will travel the next 5 months in europe looking for wind, My kitegide says marseille and provence should be the place to be so that will be my first destination. I live in my truck and I am not to much atracted to campsites. How is it with parking over there at this time of the year? Thanks, greetz Joke

    • Hi Joke, thanks for your message!

      This is the best time of year to find places to park overnight. If you stay away from urban areas you shouldn’t have a problem. Around the Camargue you’ll find a lot of places to park for free. Check out some spots east of Le Grau du Roi like l’Espiguette and Beauduc. You’ll also find somewhere between La Ciotat and the Calanques National Park, and you may also be able to park along the Route du Sel on l’Almanarre, but I’m not 100% certain. Towards Nice it’s more built up and harder to find somewhere.

      Hope that helps, have a great trip!


      • Joke van Hoboke

        thank you a lot, This are super tips, the places look nice and the wind forcast to, Im ready to go 🙂

        • You’re very welcome Joke, have a great time!

  • Brigitte

    Hi! My dream is to start a B&B in the south of France. Starting to look for the perfect location, in beautiful surroundings. Ideal would be near a good kite spot and close to the mountains for hiking/skiing. Do you have any tips for me? Many thanks in advance!

    • Hi Brigitte, thanks for your message, what a fantastic enquiry!

      There’s a couple of options. You could look at locations near Perpignan – Leucate is one of the top kite spots in France and you’d be pretty close to ski resorts in the Pyrenees Orientales like Font Romeu (1 h 30 min) and Les Angles (2 h).

      Alternatively, you could look at the Atlantic side of the Pyrenees – round Hendaye/Saint Jean de Luz there’s some great kiting and you’re 2 h 30 min from ski resorts like Cauterets, Luz and Gourettes, and a stone’s throw from wonderful Saint Sebastian in Spain.

      Another option is the Cote d’Azur, there’s good hiking and biking immediately inland and Nice is only 1 h 50 min from Isola 2000 ski resort. The downside is that it’s expensive, crowded in summer and the wind’s not as reliable as other areas.

      I hope that gives you some ideas. I wish you all the best with your project!


      • Brigitte

        Thanks a lot Matt!

        • You’re very welcome Brigitte! Best of luck with it all!

  • daan

    Hi Everyone!

    Im looking into doing a summerseason starting from may until september in the south of france. Ive been told there’s enough wind nearly every day but if i search online I get different info. So my question … Aruba (carabian) or South of France for the summer to kitesurf? Or maybe some other suggestions where its easy to find a job and kitesurg garanteed?

    Thx Heaps!

    • Hi Daan, thanks for reaching out!

      Spring is the best time of year to kitesurf in France, that’s when you get the most consistent wind. In summer, you need to be a bit more choosy about where you go. Leucate can be hit and miss, whereas around Hyeres and Almanarre beach is more reliable.

      I can’t comment on the wind in Aruba in July and August, but if you’re lucky enough to be able to go to the Caribbean in summer, you may get the tail end of the trade winds.

      You could also think about Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands which is best between March and November.

      Hope that helps, have a great trip!


  • Insensiblegain


    Maybe you can help with some recommendations?

    I am learning to kitesurf in Mui Ne (Vietnam). Can now ride upwind in big choppy swell. Have not progressed to transitions/ jumps etc yet but have the IKO ‘independent rider’ sign off. Boyfriend is at the body dragging stage so would need lessons, preferably 1:1 in shallow water so he can crack on. I might have my own kites (7m and 12m I’m 58kg) by then but will need to rent a board.

    I will be driving from UK to Barcelona and back mid-end July, probably including some of the south coast of france maybe as far as the Verdon. I would love to get some Kite surfing in during this trip.

    I see a lot of places are closed to kiting during the summer months… can you recommend me some spots to try out/check windguru for etc when I’m there? In Spain & France near the border/Pyrenees I guess.


    • Hi Gemma,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      You could try around Leucate or Sète-Etang de Thau and you’ll most likely get an afternoon thermal in July, but you’ll get more consistent wind at that time of year around Hyères. Almanarre beach is a good place to head to. There’s a campsite on the peninsula with a kitesurf school on site. Madrague at the far end of the peninsula is more mellow and good for learning.

      You’re right, a lot of the spots are off-limits in July and August because the beaches are crowded with holidaymakers. In some places like La Ciotat, the local kitesurf school will take you out into deeper water, but that’s no good for your boyfriend. All things considered, I think Almanarre is going to be your best bet.

      I hope that helps, have a great trip!


  • Ludovic Racinet

    HI Matt,
    You seem to know your craft so I would like to inquire about the best spot to wave kite around Hossegor and south of France with winds averaging 20 kt.
    Thank you…

    • Hi Ludovic, thanks for your comment!

      Les Estagnots and Les Bourdaines in Seignosse just to the north of Hossegor are good wave spots. Capbreton, just to the south of Hossegor is also good. 20 km north of Hossegor is Moliets Plage, which has both waves and large tidal pools at low tide that are fun for flat water blasting. And, Hendaye on the border with Spain is a good spot with smaller waves.

      Hope that helps, have a great trip!


  • Hi Graham, thanks for your message!

    In the summer at Vias Plage it’s too busy to kite on or from the beach. The kitesurf schools operate in open water to avoid the crowds and other inshore hazards. There are 2 kite spots nearby – La Tamarissière and Plage Richelieu. You’ll be fine in the evenings on the beach with the power kite.

    Here’s some more info on the kitesurfing:

    Hope that helps, have a great holiday!


    • Graham Ayre

      Thanks Matt, that’s great advice and much appreciated for your reply.

      • You’re very welcome Graham, have a great trip!

  • Philipp Toth

    Dear all,

    as a Brazilian wave kiter, travelling France, I would be very grateful if you share with me the best wave spots in your wonderful country! What are the secrets of finding the best waves along your cost? Muito obrigado e ate em breve. Philippe

    • Hi Philipp, thanks for your message! Great to hear you’re planning some kiting in France! Here goes for the best wave spots:

      On the Med, Carro just south of Martigues, is regarded as the top wave riding spot in France, but there’s loads of other spots that get waves in the right conditions – La Ciotat will get waves in a strong southerly. North facing La Pointe Rouge gets waves in a northerly Mistral. At Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer you get waves breaking to the right of the harbour in an east to south-easterly wind. And north of Leucate at Saint-Pierre la Mer, summer thermals can produce waves.

      For the best waves though, you need to head across to the Atlantic coast. One area that is consistently good is the Landes coast between Hossegor and Moliets-et-Maa. In summer the wind is less reliable but you do get afternoon thermals blowing off the ocean on hot days.

      Hope that helps, have a great trip!


      • Philipp Toth

        Matt – you are a rockstar – thanks a lot! What are your top-5 spots at the Atlantic coast and when is the best timing for optimizing each of them? Thanks so much – will soon hit the road and follow your guidance! All the best, Philipp

        • Hey Philipp, you’re very welcome!

          Top 5 spots on the Atlantic coast – you’ve got to have Seignosse in there, with the stretch of beach from Les Estagnots to Les Casernes all being good in a cross-on-shore. In summer, it’s that midday thermal wind that gives you what you need for a big kite. By the early evening, the wind has usually died away. Otherwise you get windy days every now and again, the surf gets blown out, the surfers head in and leave the place wide open for kitesurfing. It’s fickle, so you just need to keep an eye on the guru. Our guide to surfing in Seignosse has a bit more info:

          A bit further north is Moliets Plage, which has both waves and large tidal pools at low tide that are fun for flat water blasting. And further south, Hendaye on the border with Spain is a good spot with smaller waves.

          Up in Brittany, there’s lots of great spots too. The Quiberon peninsula is probably one of the best. On one side of the strip, the huge protected bay offers glassy conditions and on the other side, there’s good waves. Palissades beach works in N,NW,W,SW and S.

          Hope that gives you a bit more to go on. Have fun!


  • Santiago

    Hi Matt, hope your’re doing well. I’ll be visiting marseille from Milan at the end of next september. I’d prefer to try a spot a for beginners with shallow waters. What do you recommend and let me know if there is any kiteschool in this spots?. Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Santiago, thanks for your message!

      I recommend you try the Etang de Berre. There’s a spot called Le Jaï that has shallow water for hundreds of meters and works in lots of wind directions. Here’s a link to a page with more info:

      There are 3 kite schools in the area. The closest is Hot School in Martigues. Then there’s La Voile Libre in Fos and Glisse Attitude in Marseille.

      If you get chance you should also try to go to Beauduc in the Camargue – it’s a beautiful and wild spot. Here’s some more info:

      Hope that helps, have a great trip!


  • Pablo Peralta

    Hey Matt,

    I hope this message finds you well. Firstly, thank you so much for putting this site together. Secondly, I am currently traveling from Toulouse to Nice and need a few kite spots to go to for the next two weeks. I’m riding a 12m and am somewhat new to the sport (just started doing first jumps). Any suggestions??

    I was thinking about doing a week in two different spots.


  • Jeanet Schouten

    Hi Matt,
    Great site, thanks! We’re looking for a kitesurf location for the whole family, including our kids who are beginners, for mid October 2017. Which spot can you recommend? Is there enough wind in October? Thanks Jeanet

    • Hi Jeanet, thanks for your message!

      I would recommend either Leucate (30 minutes north of Perpignan), or Almanarre beach (40 minutes east of Toulon). Leucate has both the sea beach and the lagoons, so good for learning and lots of options for different wind directions. Almanarre is a huge beach along a peninsula with easier conditions at one end and stronger wind and more wavy conditions at the other end.

      Both destinations have kitesurf schools and plenty of accommodation options within walking distance of the beach. Average wind statistics suggest that in October, Almanarre may be slightly more reliable for wind.


      Hope that helps, have a great trip!


      • Jeanet Schouten

        Great! Many thanks Matt!

        • You’re very welcome Jeanet, good luck with the trip planning!

  • Victoria

    HI Matt! I’m a beginner kitesurfer and I’m planning on a long stay n Marseille from November to January. Do you think I could practice the sport during these month over there?
    Thanks a lot!