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Ride The Verdon - Kayaking & Canyoning, Castellane

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04120 Castellane, France
10 Place de l'Église Castellane Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur 04120 FR

Ride The Verdon – a unique Gorges du Verdon experience!

Join the Ride The Verdon team of river guides based in Castellane for Aqua Trekking, Hot Dog Kayaking and Tandem Kayak Expeditions in the Gorges du Verdon.

Aqua Trekking in the Verdon Grand Canyon

70€ per person for the day.

Aqua Trekking in the Gorges du Verdon with Ride The Verdon

When the dam is closed and the Verdon river is flowing at its normal level, the Gorge becomes a playground for canyoning enthusiasts. The descent through the gorge is called Aqua Rando as it blends canyoning with whitewater swimming and trekking. Jump, swim, trek and slide your way down the gorge’s turquoise water. You’ll access parts of the canyon not accessible by any other means and witness a unique and stunning landscape.

A fantastic group activity, Ride The Verdon can accommodate up to 8 people at a time. With natural features to suit everyone, the more daring can attempt jumps of up to 12 m!

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Airboat Kayaking in the Verdon Grand Canyon

From 50€ per person.

Hot dog kayaking on the Verdon with Ride The Verdon

Jump aboard your one or two-person inflatable kayak, double-bladed paddle in hand ready to tame the rapids.

Inflatable kayaking, or “hot-dogging”, is a more intense whitewater experience than rafting. For one thing, you’re in control, and the smaller craft guarantees a wet and wild ride.

Accompanied by a guide, you’ll receive safety and paddle instruction before setting off, so you can stay safe and really enjoy the descent.

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Tandem Kayak the Gorges du Verdon

500€ for 1, 900€ for 2 (1 guide per person)

Tandem kayaking in the Verdon Grand Canyon with Ride The Verdon

On two days per week, the dam above Castellane releases a torrent of whitewater that surges through the canyon. Join François Hemidy, one of France’s top river runners, in a tandem kayak and paddle the grade five rapids through the Verdon Gorge. A truly unique experience, and an opportunity to accomplish one of Europe’s great adventures. Paddle the 25 km from the Pont de Carajuan through the precipitous canyon walls to the Lac de Saint Croix. No previous kayaking experience is needed but you do need to be physically fit, comfortable in moving water and have a keen sense of adventure.

You’re in good hands!

You’re guide for the day is François Hémidy. He is a qualified kayaking instructor with 20 years kayaking experience and a former member of the French slalom team. His passion for river running has taken him all round the world and he loves nothing more than sharing his love of kayaking and the Gorges du Verdon. François is one of only 10 guides in Europe qualified to run this trip.

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Reservations and Pricing

For further details or to make a booking, please visit the Ride the Verdon website. Alternatively, please contact Ride The Verdon by email or phone:

Email: | Phone: +33 (0)6 77 93 69 89