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Mountain Biking in Finale Ligure

Superb all-year-round biking on challenging singletrack with spectacular views over the Italian Riviera. End your ride on the beach and dive into the Med for a refreshing swim!

Finale Ligure MTB Guide

200 km of dry, dusty singletrack. Mediterranean backdrop.
No chairlift so uplifts must be arranged with private companies.


Summit 400 m

Vertical Drop 400 m

Base 0 m

Lifts (Uplift shuttles only)

Cable Cars n/a

Chair Lifts n/a

MTB Trails

XC Excellent, intermediate-advanced

Downhill Excellent, intermediate-advanced

Enduro Good, intermediate-advanced

Total Riding 200 km

Bike Park Yes

Bike Wash Yes

Beginner Trails

Intermediate Trails

Advanced Trails

Expert Trails

Location Map

Practical Information

Opening times

Open All Year

Resort prices

Nearest airport

Nice (1 h 37 min)
Turin (2 h 4 min)

Tourist Office

Associazione Turismo di Finale Ligure
Vico Massaferro, 14
17024 Finale Ligure

Phone: +39 (0)19 69 42 52

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Finale Ligure MTB Gallery

  • Mountain biking on Le Manie plateau in Finale Ligure

    © Andy Steen |

  • Finale Ligure Mountain Biking


  • Dry, dusty trails in Finale Ligure

    © Andy Steen |

  • ©

  • Finale Ligure Freeride Defender Tour

    © Andy Steen |

  • Defender Tour Uplifts with Finale Ligure Freeride


  • It's all downhill from here!


  • MTB uplifts in Finale Ligure

    © Andy Steen |

  • Finale Ligure Wild Enduro MTB Trail


  • finaleborgo-mountain-biking-2

    © Andy Steen |

  • Every ride ends at the beach in Finale Ligure

    © Andy Steen |

  • Après-biking in Finale Ligure

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  • final-ligure-mountain-biking-3

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  • final-ligure-mountain-biking-4

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  • final-ligure-mountain-biking-6

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  • final-ligure-mountain-biking-8

    © Andy Steen |

  • Dry, dusty trails in Finale Ligure


  • A classic Italian Riviera backdrop in Finale Ligure

    © Andy Steen |

  • There are few places on earth that can claim to marry this quality of riding with this kind of backdrop

    © Andy Steen |

  • Trail with a view in Finale Ligure

    © Andy Steen |

  • Seaside mountain biking in Finale Ligure

    © Andy Steen |

  • Andy making a b-line for the dirt in Finale Ligure

    © Andy Steen |

  • Sunset ride with Finale Ligure Freeride


  • Italy MTB - Finale Ligure


Finale Ligure MTB Videos

Just an hour and half's drive from Nice airport along the spectacular Corniche roads of the Riviera and you'll enter a land where mountainous forest riddled with singletrack meets the sea. This is Finale Ligure, one of the only places on earth to mix this quality of riding with such a spectacular backdrop.

The Mountain Biking

There's over 200 km of natural trails in the hills surrounding the town. You can either pedal up to the trail heads or book a day's uplifts with one of the local shuttle companies. There are so many trails though, that to get the most out of your time, we'd recommend getting a guide.

The riding is accessible to most riders with a decent level of fitness. Most of the trails are old hunters tracks which lend themselves perfectly to mountain biking. With a bit of work from local riders, the dry, rocky terrain has been adapted to create some epic flowy descents. The emphasis is on incredibly fast flowing routes, stuffed full of nicely spaced corners. Beginners hoping to ride XC may find the climbs a struggle but the descents can be taken at your own pace. Experienced riders will love hitting the trails at speed.

What bike for Finale Ligure?

If you're going to be taking uplifts we'd recommend a 6" travel full suspension trail bike or enduro bike. A full on DH bike is a bit overkill here and a lighter trail bike or enduro machine will allow you to flick through the corners and play with the trail a bit more.

Go for dual-ply tyres, like the Maxxis High Rollers, and get some freeride or DH inner tubes, so you don't hold your group up with pinch flats. A dropper post is a nice to have if you can afford it.

The shuttle companies all recommend a full face helmet, and if you're doing the downhill trails, we'd add elbow and knee pads and a spine protector to that. You'll be riding at pace on unfamiliar, loose terrain so the odd spill is inevitable..!

Although Finale Ligure is a small town, there are plenty of bike shops selling spares. The Ultimate Bikeshop is on Strada di Gorra in Finaleborgo. All the same, it's worth bringing a few extra tubes and brake pads so you don't get caught short if they don't have the type you need.

Enduro World Series

The town is taken over once a year by the Enduro World Series (EWS), so why not go and join in the celebration of everything two-wheeled?!

Getting your bearings in Finale Ligure

Finale Ligure has an estimated 150 trails, so we'd recommend getting a guide, they'll be able to show you the trails that are most suited to your riding style and level of fitness. Bike Hotels Finale Ligure have put together a decent map of the MTB areas.

Nato Base and Melogno

The Nato Base and Melogno areas are popular with the shuttle companies for good reason. Quick, easy access and fast technical top to bottom descents are the order of the day. Riding through the forested terrain you'll forget how close you are to the sea. Highlights include the H trail, which merges a berm and jump-filled gully with snaking forest singletrack, Nato Base, Crestino, Din and the new Rollercoaster trail built by Finale Ligure Freeride. From Din you can take the Madonna della Guardia trail all the way back to town.

Le Manie Plateau

This is where the iconic photos you see of mountain bikers riding golden trails with a Mediterranean backdrop are taken. The scenery alone makes this area a highlight of a biking trip to Finale. This is where the famous 24 hour race track begins. Ride back to the beach via the fast, flowy DH Men and DH Women downhill tracks, or follow the Briga trail back to Finalborgo.

Ciappi di Finale Ligure

Directly above Finale Ligure town you 'll find the dense woodland, dirt tracks and rocky trails of Ciappi. A classic all-mountain route called the Ciappi Tour loops out for 23 km from Strada per SanBernardino. Ciappi is also where you'll find the Enduro World Series Superenduro Stage, which is super-fast, rocky and technical.

Guiding and Uplifts

A number of companies offer guiding and shuttle runs in Finale Ligure and in the surrounding hills. They'll do their best to group people of a similar pace together so that there's less waiting around and you can maximise your time on the bike. They can also tailor the trip to your kind of riding whether downhill, enduro or XC.

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